Monday, October 1, 2007

Perfect Maui Day

Live in the Moment!

Sleep In.

Oh, to wake up in Maui!

Sit on the lanai. Drink coffee.

Feel warm, slightly crisp morning air against skin.

Watch waves. Listen as waves hit the beach.

Smell the freshness of the ocean.

Watch teams of canoe rowers out on the water.

Go for walk on the beach.

Pick up small pieces of drift wood. Toss them into the ocean.

Watch the sand crabs scurry in and out of the sand.

We splash along, walking through the waves.

Feel the water wash over our feet.

Notice sea turtles bobbing up and down on the coral reefs. Wow!

We play in the water.

Boggy boarding, attempt to catch the waves, try not to get dumped upside down.

Play and play, just like kids.

Stop at mobile fish taco stand. Eat fabulous fish tacos. Yum, Yum!

Relax on the beach. Take a nap.

Go for another stroll along the beach.

Swim amongst the waves.

Sit on the lanai. Enjoy a glass of wine (delicious chardonnay)!

We can’t believe our eyes!!! Right there in front of our condo.

Mamma whale and her baby calf: Playing, flipping their tails. Popping up and down.

Unbelievable moment! Will NEVER FORGET!

Every moment counts.

Perfect Maui Day!

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